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I have been seeing Charles for about 6 years now, and he has been a tremendous help in navigating through some very difficult times. He is direct, yet compassionate. I highly recommend him!
Meredith Reynolds Avatar
Meredith Reynolds
We have been blessed with Charles Coulter for our marriage counseling, I feel compelled to share our wonderful experience. From the outset, Charles created a warm and welcoming environment, making both my husband and I feel comfortable and heard. His approach to counseling is a perfect blend of professionalism and empathy. Charles has a remarkable talent for listening and understanding the underlying issues that were affecting our relationship. He not only focused on our interactions as a couple but also emphasized the importance of working on ourselves individually. This personal growth aspect of his counseling was instrumental in strengthening our marriage. He guided us in identifying and addressing our challenges, which in turn improved the way we connect and communicate as a couple. One of the most impressive aspects of Charles's counseling was his ability to remain neutral yet deeply empathetic. He never took sides but instead helped us to see each other's perspectives in a new light. This not only diffused tension but also fostered a deeper sense of empathy and connection between us. His sessions were always well-structured yet flexible enough to address any immediate concerns we had. We appreciate his insightful questions and the way he guided our conversations to productive and meaningful conclusions. He is consistent with accountability and helping us to apply what we learned in sessions to our daily interactions. Charles's expertise in marriage counseling is evident, but it's his genuine care and commitment to our progress that truly sets him apart. We've grown significantly as a couple since starting therapy with him, overcoming challenges we initially thought were insurmountable. His guidance in helping us work on ourselves individually has been a key component in this growth. We highly recommend Charles Coulter to any couple seeking to strengthen their relationship. His guidance has been invaluable to us, and we are deeply grateful for the positive impact he has had on our marriage.
Pam Dwyer Avatar
Pam Dwyer
My husband and I saw Charles several years ago and we went to him for several years. I can say to this day I am still able to use the tools that Charles gave me in our sessions. I highly recommend Charles for marriage counseling. It is so worth it!
Jessica Mills Avatar
Jessica Mills
Charles is second to none. My husband and I have been through 2 counselors prior to meeting Charles (due to others being one sided or feeling a sense of bias). He has positively amended our marriage 180 degrees. I have started to see him on my own, in addition to our maintenance marriage counseling, and it has transformed my daily life and has truly brought clarity and peace to my soul. I will continue to recommend all of my family and friends to him. I will forever be grateful for his life changing teachings.
Denise Callahan Avatar
Denise Callahan
I have been a client of Charles' for over 5 years. He is a fantastic listener and someone I trust deeply. What stands out about Charles is how he helps me process through my experiences and the things going on around me. I am glad that Charles is on my "team" and highly recommend him.
Patrick T Marsh Avatar
Patrick T Marsh
My partner and I were going through a really rough patch in our relationship that I thought would end the 6 years we built together. After over a year of seeing Charles, we were able to mend a lot of the hurt that came out of that situation. I went from not seeing a future with my partner at all to building my relationship up with trust and love again. Charles is very attentive and easy to share with. He is able to listen to both me and my partner, being open and honest with each of us. Without Charles, I feel my relationship would not have survived.
Julia Mendez Avatar
Julia Mendez
Charles is compassionate, empathetic, and distinguished. He is very down to Earth and great to converse with. I highly recommend Charles for your counseling needs!
Chris Hartman Avatar
Chris Hartman
Charles has mastered family/ marriagecounseling. He is forthright, understanding and relatable. It feels comfortable and easy to speak with him. He adds a lot of insight into oneself and your own relationship. I would recommend him to anyone seeking counseling.
Dominic Gregan Avatar
Dominic Gregan
I would highly recommend Charles for any family counseling needs! He is compassionate in his work, understands the dynamics of the family unit and is an expert with his advice and without any judgments nor prejudices!! Again, highly recommend him! And thank you Charles for putting my marriage back in track.
Dr Robert Villarreal Avatar
Dr Robert Villarreal
I’ve gone through a few counselors and never really felt like they understood the entire situation. Charles was the first one to help not only our marriage, but also us personally. We appreciate all of effort & guidance from Charles to get us back to where we needed to be as a family. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering divorce or separating. It’s been well worth our time.
Christine Villarreal Avatar
Christine Villarreal
Charles is a great counselor. We feel comfortable around him and he offers realistic solutions. We've improved our relationship with his help and we would highly recommend him to any individual or family.
Melissa Kopp Avatar
Melissa Kopp
Charles is a great marriage counselor and helped my wife and I get on the right bath.
Matthew Riebel Avatar
Matthew Riebel
Our family is very thankful for Charles Coulter! He is a Christian counselor who has the ability to communicate effectively and objectively in a gentle way. He listens well and is empathetic, as often we are discussing things that are hard to work through - either collectively or individually. He understands the dynamics of marriage, teenagers, and families. His intentional and professional approach to problem solving and “digging deep” into our hurts and hearts has changed all of for the better. Charles told us from beginning, “You didn’t get here overnight, so we can’t change things overnight”, and he is right! He has patiently helped us navigate each time we are together, and our progress has been an answer to prayer!
Michelle Avatar
Mr. Coulter very adeptly met our needs. I would and have highly recommended him for family counseling.
Cloninger Cloninger Avatar
Cloninger Cloninger
Charles Coulter has consistently provided me with compassionate, sound and godly advice over the past several years. He is an empathetic and patient listener. I am thankful for his counsel and guidance.
Jeanette Miller Avatar
Jeanette Miller