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How Teen Counseling Works

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How Sessions Work

Typically, the counselor will meet with parent/s initially to assess the situation and gain insight into parental concerns.  Thereafter, counseling sessions will be with the adolescent and the counselor, and periodically the counselor will want to meet with the parent/s to discuss the teen’s progress.

Counseling Experience

Having had much experience with teenagers, Charles is able to easily and quickly develop rapport with teens.  His relaxed approach enables them to get to the bottom of what is going on and how they are feeling.  He helps them move past trauma, reconnect with loved ones and learn to cope with conflict and life circumstances.

The Benefits of Teen Therapy

– Healthy self-esteem
– Overcome depression
– Improved family relationships
– Reduced stress in the home
– Confident outlook
– Positive communication skills
– Move past pain, disappointment, or trauma
– Increased self-confidence
– Setting and achieving goals
– Lower anxiety level