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Charles Coulter, MA, LPC, is a leading marriage expert who has helped countless couples find their way back to the love they once knew. His clients describe him as empathetic, relatable, objective and a good listener who provides realistic solutions to complicated relationship issues. He is skilled at pinpointing how beliefs about ourselves and others affect our relationships.

If you are looking for a San Antonio marriage counselor serving couples and their families, Charles could be a great fit.  As a counselor, Charles helps individuals move past trauma, reconnect with loved ones, cope with conflict and stop divorce. As an experienced therapist, he is skilled at addressing difficult issues threatening marriages and families in the 21st century. Through marriage counseling, Charles can bring hope to your family if ravaged by depression, pornography, divorce, anxiety, and extra-marital affairs.

As a goal-oriented counselor, Charles and his clients establish and accomplish therapy goals in a timely manner so individuals see positive changes occurring and are encouraged by their progress. As an experienced marriage counselor, Charles is dedicated to offering counseling with proven psychological concepts. In San Antonio, Charles also serves area churches by providing Christian marriage counseling as a referral marriage counselor. His counseling practice benefits families and the entire community by enabling individuals to grow healthier in their relationships.

Charles Coulter

Coulter Counseling, LLC

Charles P. Coulter

Licensed Professional Counselor
18834 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 104
San Antonio, TX 78258

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