Types of Counseling

Marriage Counseling

The husband and wife’s relationship is the primary relationship in a family.  Strengthening marriage will improve all other aspects of life.  Charles and his clients focus on improving communication, and individual personal changes. Rather than focusing on problems from the past, Charles and his clients focus on solutions.  Marriage counseling improves and restores marriages!

Adolescent Counseling

Having worked closely with teenagers for over 20 years, Charles understands and relates to young people.  Many adolescents struggle with feelings they cannot put into words.  Charles’ comfort level helps teens feel at ease during therapy and enables productive sessions. Charles’ goal-oriented style of counseling is very effective with teens and young adults.

Family Counseling

Counseling strengthens families and helps nuture strong individuals.  Charles believes families work best as a team, but many families unknowingly practice child-centered parenting where children are given power they cannot manage. This creates many complex problems for a family.  Family counseling refocuses parents as the coaches, and children as part of the team and teaches everyone how to communicate feelings and work together. Sessions are made up of parent, individual, and entire family sessions according to needs.


Some life experiences can be devastating, but through counseling individuals find hope and healing. Counseling benefits the whole person as individuals address areas of their past which may be dictating their behavior in the present. There is hope for those suffering from depression, abuse, gender identity issues, obesity, past trauma, low self-esteem, etc. Charles desires to help individuals change faulty thinking and beliefs and instead see themselves as loved and valuable people.