Sexual Addiction

We offer a wide range of counseling to help with sex and/or pornography addiction:

Sexual Addiction/Pornography 

The ever-increasing availability of internet pornography is creating widespread problems for individuals of all ages. It is disastrous for those involved and their families.  In today’s society “men’s issues” are not talked about much, but the significance of these particular issues are quite impacting when it comes to fatherhood, divorce rates, increased prison populations, single parent homes, sexual assault, alcoholism, and sexual addictions. If you have concerns about your involvement in pornography or other men’s issues such as sexuality, alcoholism, drug addictions, or abuse please give the counselor a call. Therapy helps individuals become more of the person they were created to be by using a meaning-centered, faith-based approach to recovery.  At the onset of sessions, a small amount of time gathering a solid history and identifying the problem and then the remainder of the sessions are spent partnering with clients to find solutions and a better sense of yourself and where you ultimately want your life to go.

Overcoming Sexual Addiction:

  • Realize that involvement is detremental to mental health, family life and all intimate relationships, especially marriage.
  • Establish safeguards.  Internet filters are just the start. Accountability is a must.  One should confide in a trusted individual about their pornography involvement and discuss concerns.  Goals should be set and progress discussed often.
  • Get to the root cause of addictive behavior by asking, “Why do I turn to pornography?”, “What do I get from it?” One must recognize false beliefs that lead to pornography involvement which are not necessarily sexual in nature.
  • Understand the deeper issues…self-centeredness, lonliness, distorted view of sexuality or the opposite sex which contribute to involvement in pornorgraphy rather that the investment in real not virtual relationships.

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