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How Can I Help Your Marriage?

Marriage Counseling Services in San Antonio, TX

Affair Recovery

Affair recovery is a delicate process that requires compassionate guidance and understanding. As a marriage counselor, I help couples navigate the complex emotions and challenges that arise after infidelity. Through open communication, empathy, and tailored strategies, I assist couples in rebuilding trust, fostering forgiveness, and creating a stronger, more resilient bond.

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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction can deeply impact individuals and relationships, often leading to feelings of shame, guilt, and isolation. As a marriage counselor, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to explore the underlying causes of sexual addiction, providing support and guidance towards healing and healthy intimacy. My approach integrates evidence-based strategies and therapies.

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Teen & Family

Teen and family counseling provides a supportive environment for adolescents and their families to address a wide range of issues. From communication breakdowns and behavioral problems to navigating major life transitions, I work with families to foster understanding, improve relationships, and empower both teens and parents to create positive change.

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Anger Management

Anger management counseling offers effective tools and strategies to help individuals understand and manage their emotions in healthy ways. Through personalized guidance and practical techniques, I assist clients in identifying triggers, building resilience, developing coping mechanisms, and fostering communication skills to navigate conflicts and improve relationships.

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About Charles

Charles Coulter, MA, LPC has been in practice for 15+ years and has helped countless couples and individuals move past trauma, reconnect with loved ones, cope with conflict and experience healthier relationships.  He is skilled at addressing difficult issues threatening marriages and families and helps bring hope to families ravaged by depression, pornography, addiction, divorce, anxiety, and extra-marital affairs.  Charles and his clients establish and accomplish therapy goals in a timely manner, so individuals see positive changes and are encouraged by their personal progress.  His practice is dedicated to offering counseling with proven psychological concepts.  In San Antonio, he also serves as a referral counselor for many area churches.  Begin moving toward becoming emotionally and relationally healthy today. Give Charles a call 210-849-7264